Don’t You Just Love Those Psychic Readings?

For many disbelievers, those who bothered to titillate themselves somehow, psychic readings have been a sense of amusement. But to process psychic readings on behalf of needy clients is no laughing matter or faithless practice of grasping the figurative pie in the sky down to Mother Earth. The ability to give psychic readings that are… Continue reading “Don’t You Just Love Those Psychic Readings?”

Consulting for Enterprise Asset Management

When a factory is being built as an extended asset to an existing business, management is key to a successful operation. Since such a project is financially vested, it is regarded as a productive asset. The full expectation is that it will be nothing less. With proper enterprise asset management (EAM) is place, the entire… Continue reading “Consulting for Enterprise Asset Management”

Saving on Silicon in Semiconductor Manufacturing

If you have been talking with people who are within the semiconductor manufacturing industry, many of them will tell you the same thing. They are going to tell you about how they are finding the biggest expense is the silicon they are having to use as part of their machines. These silicon wafers are a… Continue reading “Saving on Silicon in Semiconductor Manufacturing”