Fire Safety in California

Fires, without a doubt, are some of the most devastating forces on the planet. Fire moves quickly, often faster than one would think, and it can burn everything in its path, depending on how hot it is. Some fires are not as hot as others. That all depends on what is burning, actually. Sometimes when certain chemicals burn, the heat is much more intense than it would be if wood were burning.

This is why factories and plants need to have vast fire protection systems. Often, there are volatile chemicals being used around heavy electrical equipment and a huge margin for human error. This is a situation in which it is just a matter of waiting for a fire to start. The fire sprinkler inspection california statutes state that all sprinklers must be functional to pass inspection.

fire sprinkler inspection california

In any environment, just especially in the type mentioned above, it is important to consider fire safety and to have safety methods and equipment (such as the sprinklers mentioned) on hand to mitigate a fire before it becomes raging. From the inside, when a fire starts, the first plan is to call 911 while managing the fire with a fire extinguisher or other means.

Different inspections need to be done to make sure all fire prevention and anti-fire equipment is working properly. For example, all necessary fire extinguishers need to be full and in place for the inspection to be passed. This is important because the sprinkler systems are good but not the only defense against indoor fires. The first line of defense is the fire extinguisher.

As long as inspection reveals all fire preventing systems to be in prime condition, the building is considered to be “fire safe.” This only means that the building has all the necessary equipment to minimize fire damage and danger.